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"One of the foremost authorities on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicines in the World today."

When he was only 11 years old, his father died in his arms from a massive heart attack. At 14, his mother died of a heart attack. They were both only 55 yrs old.

At age 16 after a year of ill health, he was diagnosed by medical doctors with a genetic heart deformity and deformed heart valves. The doctors said that unless he underwent open heart surgery immediately, he would be dead by the age of 20. This is because his weak deformed heart couldn't supply sufficient blood to an adult body.

He declined to have the surgery and instead made it his mission to discover alternative ways to heal his heart. After three years of numerous intensive natural healing programs and herbal formulae, he was given a clean bill of health by the very surprised medical doctors. His heart was healed. After curing himself of this so-called incurable disease, through changes in his lifestyle and NO surgery, he then set out on a mission to help others. He enrolled himself into Naturopathic and Herbal College.

Dr. Schulze studied with the famous European Naturopath, Paavo Airola. He trained and then served an internship with the famous natural healer Dr. Bernard Jensen. He also studied and apprenticed with America's greatest clinical herbalist, the late Dr. John Christopher, graduating to teach alongside him until his death. Besides having a Doctorate in Herbology and a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and three degrees in Iridology, he is certified in eight different styles of Body Therapy and holds three black belts in the Martial Arts.

In the early 1970's he opened his first Natural Healing Clinic in New York, and later in Southern California. He operated his natural healing clinic in America for almost 20 years, until his clinic was shut down. During this same time he also managed and directed other Natural Healing Clinics in Europe and Asia. In his two decades of practice he treated thousands of patients. In his second decade of clinical practice, he became famous for his intensive natural healing programs and his powerful herbal formulae.

His natural therapy programs and herbal formulae are now used in clinics all over the world and have assisted an estimated hundred thousand people to create healing miracles and regain their health.

He is considered an innovator, a purist, even an extremist by many of his colleagues, but to his patients he was considered a life saver. Dr. Schulze always said, While Alternative doctors are pussy footing around trying to heal degenerative disease with aromatherapy and purple candles, the medical doctors are sharpening their knives, saws and drills, boiling down their chemotherapy and fine tuning their radiation beams. At least medical doctors know how to treat killer diseases, aggressively and with intensity. In his clinic he was famous for his powerful and extreme natural healing programs and his potent clinical herbal formulae. He often said, I tried to kill my patients with the juicer, I tried to poison them with overdoses of strong herbal tonics, I tried to drown them in hydrotherapy, but the only thing that happened is that they got well. All the people I see dying and not recovering who are being treated with alternative medicine, are dying because they aren't doing enough. They need a natural healing blitz, turn the volume all the way up, and create a 24 hour a day natural healing lifestyle.

Dr. Schulze dared to pioneer new techniques and therapies which went far beyond what most people thought possible with Alternative medicine. The outcome of his work has been the achievement of miraculous and unprecedented results. His herbal formulae and 30-Day Cleansing and Detoxification Incurables Program are used in clinics worldwide to help people heal themselves from degenerative diseases such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis and AIDS. The positive results have caused reverberations in both the natural and medical communities.

Dr. Schulze assisted and taught for the late Dr. John Christopher. After Dr. Christopher's death, Dr. Schulze continued to teach at his school for over 12 years. He has served as the Director of The College of Herbology and Natural Healing in the United Kingdom for 11 years and is also Co-Director of The Osho School for Naturopathic Medicine in England, France and Spain. Dr. Schulze has taught and lectured at numerous universities, including Cambridge and Oxford Universities in England, Trinity Medical College in Ireland, Omega Institute in New York, Cortijo Romero in Spain and other natural therapy and herbal institutes worldwide. He has been the guest speaker at numerous churches and also on numerous radio and television shows. He is loved for his intensity, passion, dedication to students, sense of humor, creativity, and his exciting, enthusiastic and evangelistic teaching style. He is mostly recognized for his unequaled understanding of natural healing. He continues to teach throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

After 15 years of manufacturing his own herbal formulations in his clinic, Dr. Schulze opened the American Botanical Pharmacy in 1994 which manufactures and sells his industrial-strength, pharmaceutical grade botanical extracts.

Dr. Schulze continues his healing mission today through his daily work to reveal the truth about the unlimited healing power of our being. He is also a leader in exposing fraud in medical, pharmaceutical and even herbal industries. He records numerous audio and video tapes, writes many books and booklets and publishes his free GET WELL Newsletter, all through Natural Healing Publications.


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